Jason Ojukwu


A digital project manager with over 15 years experience in digital project management. Jason has worked for a broad range of employers and agencies to deliver quality digital projects, websites, online communities and digital tools.

As a digital professional, I have run my own consultancy, been a new business manager at Squidsoup, project manager at Deepend and I am currently digital project manager at Versus Arthritis.

I have worked across a variety of campaigns and projects and contributed, coached and directed new website design, email marketing campaigns, launched data visualisation products and launched new online forums.

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Employers & Clients

  • Versus Arthritis (current)*

  • Creative Industry Finance

  • Carers Trust

  • Charity for Civil Servants

  • London South Bank University

  • Royal British Legion

  • Croydon Business

  • Hoxton Bibliotech

  • Deepend

  • Squidsoup

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Email: group[at]redcut.co.uk

About Me - Jason Ojukwu

I graduated from the University of Derby with a degree in Enterprise Management. One of my first digital roles was a new business manager for the digital gaming agency Squidsoup. Later on I was hired by the digital design agency, Deepend London. Following downturn, I moved back to enterprise where I was employed by Hoxton incubator, Hoxton Bibliotech and the University of East London. In 2016, I joined Arthritis Research UK.

I am a trained digital business advisor and achieved SFEDI accreditated status. As digital project manager, I am a blend of Scrum Master and Product Owner but I have a varied experience, working within digital publishing, advertising, games, email and web. I love the variety of my roles, and I tend tend to achieve peak performance when I can imprint my methodology to best benefit the organisation that I have been hired by.

I am a certified Scrum Master and Product Owner.

Deepend Design - Digital Gaming

Format: Digital gaming
Employer/Client: Deepend Design / Umbro
Industry: Sports Fashion
Project Goals: Create a mini-game for football fans
This was a fun project that was commissioned by Umbro to tie-in with the closure of Wembley stadium (home of the Engalnd football team) before its refurbishment.
Umbro (England's kit manufacturers) wanted a small web-based game that could be played by football fans but which also highlighted Umbro's global appeal. The game's character (Harry) had to keep a ball aloft whilst moving through different level of complexity across global cities. I worked with the developers and designers whilst also keeping the client informed on progress and the games eventual completion.

Brightsolid Online Publishing - Digital Marketing

Format: New website
Employer/Client: Brightsolid
Industry: Digital publishing
Project Goals: Improving ROI on paid search
Worked on Brightsolid's digital marketing campaign for its dating brands and the British Newspaper Archives. It was an eye-opener into the world of online dating and digital publishing in general. I prepaared the search accounts for Google, Bing and Yahoo, produced weekly reports on the return on investment on paid search campaigns and also reported on the recruitment and performance of affiliates.

friends over fifty website

Charity for Civil Servants New Website

Format: New website
Employer/Client: Charity for Civil Servants
Industry: Non-profit
Project Goals: Delivery of new mobile responsive website
The Charity's website was built to help The Charity achieve its triple goals of making civil servants aware of the financial support, helpline support and also the remote-support via digital services that were available to them.

This mobile-responsive Drupal-site enabled a cleaner navigation of the site via the use of cards within a grid system and focused on more of the core elements that that the charity wanted highlight - reaching more civil servants whilst also making it easier for civil servants to engage with the site.

Carers Trust New Website

Format: New website
Employer/Client: Carers Trust
Industry: Non-profit
Project Goals: Deliver new website using agile principles
The Carers Trust website was built and delivered to enable the charity to reach more carers online due to the often remote nature of carers and caring. With financial support from The Queen’s Trust and its title as The Co-operative Charity of the Year - the charity sought to encourage more young and young adult carers to use its online communities.

As part of the strategy to reach and support more carers via their help, information and online services, Carers Trust redesigned the main website for carers, Carers.org, to create a highly carer-focused, accessible and mobile responsive site. The project was shaped by an an initial discovery phase where we arried out consultations with key stakeholders including carers of all ages and with varying caring experiences. However due to the list of required features and the array of user-stories, this Drupal-built charity website used Scrum as its agile technique to get approval of core feature via demonstrations of features which had been completed.

Versus Arthritis MSK Calculator

Format: Data visualisation tool
Employer/Client: Versus Arthritis formerly Arthritis Research UK
Industry: Non-profit
Project Goals: Provide health data to health professional and clinical commissioner groups
This digital data tool was commissioned by the Health Intelligence team as they wanted a tool that allowed users to see how datasets which had been commissioned from Arthritis Research UK showed the prevelance of particular MSK conditions in their area by NHS trust or Health Board.

The project looked at the requirements for the tool and in particular the user interface to reflect the Arthritis Research UK brand values.

Despite its many complexities the product was delivered and was favourably enjoyed by users.

msk calculator information on webpage
msk calulator information on webpage

Versus Arthritis Email Lead-Generation Campaign

Format: Autoresponder email campaign
Employer/Client: Versus Arthritis formerly Arthritis Research UK
Industry: Non-profit
Project Goals: Generate new leads based on creation of video content
This email lead-generation campaign looked to acquire new leads.

Users chose the area of the body that user wanted exercise and pain tips on.

Each day (for five days) the user got an email with video exercise content based on their choices.

At the end of the email journey there was a small request to user to sign up for more information to Arthritis Research UK newsletter an/or to make a donation to Arthritis Research UK.

Although this was initially a simple idea it was an incredibly complex procces which generated 9,000 new email subscribers.

The stand-out lessons from this project were that great relevant content will always being held in high demand from user, but use of the right tools and processes can make something good - even better.

woman exercising her arms, feet, shoulder and hand

Versus Arthritis Events Registration Form

Format: Booking and payment form
Employer/Client: Versus Arthritis
Industry: Non-profit
Project Goals: Delivery of new events registration and payment form
Which is trickier? Running a marathon or creating the marathon runner's submission form?
Requirements, requirements...most charity content managment systems allow you to create a form fairly easily. However, how you create a form which requires a users online payments, capture of user data which is then passed to the charity's whilst all the while keeping the user engaged in the process?

We looked at building a bespoke solution, however this had inherent costs. So we took all the requirements and broke them down into user stories, spoke with event and finance teams, analysed user pain-barriers on the current form and proceeded to have discussions with payment form providers.

Following the recommendation and selection of the winning vendor. We began the process of uploading fields to the forms, testing that the data pulled through to the CRM and that payment was actually being recorded by our finance team. Deployment of the forms was smooth and without too many hitches and following the introduction of the charity 's new brand identity the forms were customised to relect the new brand.

Versus Arthritis Online Community

Format: Online forum
Employer/Client: Versus Arthritis
Industry: Non-profit
Project Goals: Delivery of new online forum and migration of forum members to new forum
How do you migrate 12,000 users from a vibrant health discussion forum to a new platform with minimal disruption?
With a team...and a methodology.
Following the merger of two charities, Arthritis Research UK and Arthritis Care - there was an opprtunity to reinvest in an enhanced mobile-responsive forum to help forum users post comments, read discussions and improve engagement and awareness of the charity's other support services.

Using an agile Scrum method, we broke down the requirements into user stories, spoke with stakeholders, put the requirements into a tender which was won by a North American forum provider and moved through the discovery to design to development and to deployment.

The feedback from users since its February 2020 launch has been encouraging and the team are looking forward to the next release.